The Waterloo- Englantilainen pub Turussa

Welcome to the WaterLoo Pub- -

The English pub in Turku

Every Monday, we host the Baaripähkinä Finnish pub quiz under the watchful eye of quizmaster supreme, Lauri Salmi.

It's actually a big week for pub quizzes because there are two more, on Wednesday 17.1 and Thursday 18.1. Come along to the International English Speakers Association of Finland Pub Quiz on Wednesday at 19.30 for Turku's only English-language pub quiz, then on Thursday it's the turn of the Anglica English Society at Turku University to have their own quiz at 19.00.

As usual, great live music coming up at the weekend with young members of The Jennyfer performing their own brand of pop rock on Friday 19.1 at 22.00, CCH taking to the stage on Saturday 20.1 at 22.30 with some great rock music.

The WaterLoo Pub - The English Pub in Turku 

Welcome to The WaterLoo pub – Turku’s only real English pub owned by a real Englishman! Situated in the middle of Puutori square in the centre of Turku, The WaterLoo pub started life as a public lavatory for Turku Bus Station. It fell into disuse in the 1980s when the bus station moved down the hill, but was converted into a pub, the famous Puutorin Vessa, in 1997 and has been one ever since.

Nowadays, not only does the pub sell a wide range of beers, ciders and other alcoholic beverages from the British Isles and all over the world, but it also serves snacks and Indian curries.

The WaterLoo is also a centre of entertainment in Turku, hosting weekly live music and retro discos, as well as quiz nights and sing-along evenings with a live troubadour. There are also two TV screens for watching English Premier League Football and other sporting events from around the globe.

The WaterLoo also boasts one of Turku’s largest summer terraces. We can accommodate up to 150 seats and, being in the middle of a square surrounded by relatively low buildings, in summer the terrace is bathed in sunlight from dawn to dusk.

The WaterLoo pub - 'Finland's most famous toilet!'